Stefan Maier created a new topic ' ASI 1600MMC freezes' in the forum. 6 years ago

I was originally going to title it "... when taking 16bit RAW" but it seems to just manifest itself more with 16 bit.

I started this years astronomy season this weekend and finally wanted to put the 1600MMC to some use after only using it briefly last year.
I did a dist-upgrade on the odroid connected to the scope/cam. (0.1+r3022~201703282004~ubuntu16.04.1 but later tried upgrading to 0.1+r3026~201704011202~ubuntu16.04.1 with the same issue)

It seems the CCD freezes after about 5-20 exposures with 16 bit; I can take more with 8 bit but it eventually freezes as well.

I tried downgrading to the version I used last year (1.3.1+r2763~201612162223~ubuntu16.04.1) and took 100 exposures in 16 bit where it seems the problem does not appear. Are there any known issues? Maybe somehting broken in the ASI binary blob?

I'll be staying on the older version for now but I'm happy to help with debugging this issue.