Hi there, I have ekos connected to my indiserver, also PHD2 to do the guiding. Both my guide cam and the main ccd are ZWO cams. (Side note: if you do not set PHD2 in your indi profile but the driver for the actual camera it will overwrite the guide type option every time you connect. That took me a while)

Every time PHD2 captures a frame kstars opens a FITSViewer, I could live with this since it's only a bit annoying but it seems like this interferes with captures on the main CCD.

If I go to guide settings, change my guiding to internal then capture a frame then switch back to PHD2 the frames are still received by kstars but are displayed in the preview window in the guide tab. It also no longer interferes with capturing.

Also is the forum the right place to report something like this or is there a bug tracker/mailing list/etc?