Hi everyone, I"m having a strange problem. At least, I think it's strange because all my googling doesn't turn up exactly the same thing.

I've just been getting my gear going with EKOS and I feel like I'm very nearly at the finish line, except for this particular issue. If I set up a capture session using my Canon 20D, I can put in a number of exposures and the sequence will start, but it seems to fail to download every other image from the camera. I run everything locally off of a single laptop right now, though the laptop is quite old (2005) so the RAM is limited. I've tried setting the INDI control panel setting and image sequence both to FITS and both to NATIVE formats, but neither makes a difference. I've also tried selecting client and both as the save location, and this also does not make a difference.

Right now, the error seems pretty soft, since the sequence keeps moving. EKOS just fails to download and then immediately restarts capture. Since it is the second capture, it downloads and then moves on in the sequence. I have a work-around in mind until a solution is found, but it's (obviously) sub-optimal.

What can I do to help trouble-shoot and fix the problem?

Thanks for the help!