Hi Folks,
    I've recently been rebuilding my gear set after a long hiatus due to a job change, move, life, etc.  I've come across a few snags - my old laptop that was running my rig died (finally) and I've switched to Astroberry pi.  I seem to recall that my ASI120mm worked fairly well in the old setup (last I ran it was 2017) and I had successful autoguiding via PHD2.  Now, however, there seem to be connection issues within INDI.  What seems more strange, though, is that PHD2 is able to connect directly.

Testing process:
In EKOS/INDI, I created a simple setup that has simulators and just the ASI120mm as a guide camera.  It finds the camera and seems to connect just fine.  However, if I test it in the capture module, it fails to capture and bombs out after 3 attempts.
If I set up PHD2 to use the INDI camera as the source and then request it loop within PHD2, it bombs out.

If, instead, I add the camera in INDI, but open PHD2 and set it to connect to the camera directly, it seems to collect images just fine.  I haven't had a chance to actually test the autoguiding yet (clouds!), but this already seemed strange.

I've seen various threads on the ASI120mm cameras and tried to check on several aspects before posting.  It would be nice if more of the control could come through EKOS/INDI - this has me worried because I just purchased an ASI1600 and I didn't realize how wonky finicky the cameras might be (or maybe the ASI120mm is just a problem child?).

The main question is this: what am I doing that would PHD2 to directly connect just fine while INDI/EKOS seems incapable?