Thanks for the links! I hadn't had any luck finding the driver source code since I accidentally overlooked the 3rd party folder of the git repo. I was able to get the sxccdtest file running, and it correctly identified the connected device as an ultrastar camera! The only issue is that a lot of the tests output LIBUSB_ERROR_IO. For example the output from the get camera model portion reads as follows:

sxGetCameraModel: libusb_control_transfer -> LIBUSB_ERROR_IO
sxGetCameraModel: libusb_control_transfer -> LIBUSB_ERROR_IO
sxGetCameraModel: INTERLACED COLOR model 16
sxGetCameraModel: -> 36080

Have you seen this problem before where most of the tests have an io error from libusb? From my limited knowledge of usb one thing that seems off is that the output says libusb_control_transfer, but in the source code a bulk transfer is being performed, is that alright?

Also is there any documentation for the driver source files (sxccdusb.ccp/h)? I can follow the code alright, but documentation would help quite a bit. I haven't been able to find any documentation so far. Thanks in advance!