Andreas Rörig created a new topic ' INDI for Java still alive?' in the forum. 5 years ago


my name is Andreas and I am new to this forum.

A while ago I have built my own mount controller based on a RaspberryPi and an Arduino Due.
I have already written an ASCOM driver for it and it works fine. Now I would like to write an INDI driver for my controller.
As I am an experienced Java developer I would like to do that in Java. So I looked at the INDI for Java website and the corresponding Sourceforge repository. It looks as if there has not been much activity recently. Has this project come to halt? Does it still make sense to use it or would it be better to use the standard C/C++ approach?

I have downloaded the distribution 1.5 and tried to start the server (via the i4j-server-interactive script) but when I tried to connect to it from CdC I get the following message:

Debugger failed to attach: handshake failed - received ><getProperties< - expected >JDWP-Handshake<

Any input would be appreciated.

Best regards