Jacob Nowatzke replied to the topic 'ZWO 8 Position Filter Wheel' in the forum. 3 years ago

While I'm happy for you that you've solved it, I did want to chime in to mention that the error is still present as of version 1.7 of indi_asi_efw, using KStars 3.4.2, latest Astroberry dist.

It's odd to me because restarting my remote Astroberry will sometimes bring up the 8pos efw plainly, but restarting later will revert back to the 5pos efw. What gives? If the 8pos efw is detected by EKOS, can it not signal to overwrite the old config file? May I ask for someone who is familiar with the code to explain why it sometimes chooses one and the rest of the time, the other? Trying to understand the workings behind both ekos/indi and my equipment drivers.