Jacob Nowatzke created a new topic ' Losmandy Gemini Dec reversed?' in the forum. 3 years ago

Attached is a screenshot of the Solver module showing every time a slew occurs, it's in the opposite direction (missing step 4 because it failed due to search radius being 30deg, for step 4 I increased to 90 and it solved after a few minutes). Really tired of missing nights due to Ekos/INDI, but what other choice do I actually have? Some lame proprietary software? Oh well, going to bed frustrated and dumbfounded. ....

Okay? As I was typing this, trying to figure out how to not sound like a whiny child, the mount "automatically" flipped to west-pointing (which I don't want it to be??). At least now things move properly, but what in the actual hell is the issue, here?

Side note, I'm not posting logs- I waste more time turning logs on and off, and getting stuck in a loop where KStars just crashes all the time, so I'm not the biggest fan of logs. Plus, KStars crashes enough as is, it's basically iOS for the sky. That's a joke, but the three crashes I've had tonight, alone, plus the multiple times the scheduler fails to park my scope and I wake up to servos being burned out while my OTA is being smashed into the tripod isn't. Show me a version of KStars that doesn't crash regularly, and also when I enable logs, and I'll share a log for every issue I encounter- sounds fair, I'd say. (my PC is decent and up to date)

Any thoughts? Anybody have worse problems with Gemini? No problems at all? Same problems? Holler, I just really want to understand what's going on without having to learn how to write a program.

I don't have meridian flip engaged on the mount module, I have imaged several nights (don't get me started on those issues) without moving anything, I see no reason this should be so.... recurrent.


*now the solver is having an extra hard time with overshooting. I'll wake up to 2hrs of data, or none, I guess