Jacob Nowatzke replied to the topic 'Losmandy Gemini Dec reversed?' in the forum. 3 years ago

Here's some logs showing that Gemini doesn't know how to slew.

I started off prior to logging by unparking the mount and attempting to slew to Cygnus. Failed.
Slew to Vega. Failed.
Slew towards Ursa Major. Worked.... Okay?
Slew to Hercules. Worked... Okay?
Slew to Cygnus. Failed.
Slew to Draco (looking for C/2017 K2). Failed.
Started Scheduler with C/2017 K2 as my target. Fails to slew, but starts focusing. Gets to Solver, fails to slew but completes solver anyways, apparently accepting some random spot in Hercules that I'd previously slewed to (above).

This is all East (pointing West), so why can't the mount figure out how to flip to the other side?

Also, woke up this morning to the mount parked facing the east horizon. What gives?