Peter Kennett replied to the topic 'INDIHUB.SPACE' in the forum. 2 months ago

Thanks again for your continued help Denis. I tried to run INDIHUB without launching in to KStars and got this result:

stellarmate@stellarmate:~ $
stellarmate@stellarmate:~ $ /home/stellarmate/Public/indihub-agent-raspberrypi/indihub-agent -indi-profile=NMCosmos-INDIHUB -indi-server-manager=localhost:8624 -mode=share -api-port=8787
2021/10/01 08:38:58 Connection to local INDI-Server Manager on localhost:8624...
2021/10/01 08:38:58 ...OK
2021/10/01 08:38:58 Setting active INDI-profile to 'NMCosmos-INDIHUB'
stellarmate@stellarmate:~ $

It did not start up INDIHUB. What am I missing?