Peter Kennett replied to the topic 'INDIHUB.SPACE' in the forum. 2 months ago

Tried many times to get my Mac to connect to the INDIHUB server.  Each time the Mac version of Stars crashed as soon as it connected.
Here's what the INDIHUB server on the remote Stellarmate displayed.

stellarmate@stellarmate:~ $ /home/stellarmate/Public/indihub-agent-raspberrypi/indihub-agent -indi-profile=NMCosmos-INDIHUB -indi-server-manager=localhost:8624 -mode=share -api-port=8787
2021/10/01 14:17:41 Connection to local INDI-Server Manager on localhost:8624...
2021/10/01 14:17:41 ...OK
2021/10/01 14:17:41 INDI-server is running with active INDI-profile 'NMCosmos-INDIHUB'
2021/10/01 14:17:41 INDIDrivers:
2021/10/01 14:17:41 {Binary:indi_astrometry Skeleton:<nil> Family:Auxiliary Label:Astrometry Version:0.1 Role: Custom:false Name:Astrometry}
2021/10/01 14:17:41 {Binary:indi_asi_ccd Skeleton:<nil> Family:CCDs Label:ZWO CCD Version:2.0 Role: Custom:false Name:ZWO CCD}
2021/10/01 14:17:41 {Binary:indi_nexdome Skeleton:<nil> Family:Domes Label:NexDome Version:1.6 Role: Custom:false Name:NexDome}
2021/10/01 14:17:41 {Binary:indi_asi_wheel Skeleton:<nil> Family:Filter Wheels Label:ASI EFW Version:2.0 Role: Custom:false Name:ASI EFW}
2021/10/01 14:17:41 {Binary:indi_sx_ccd Skeleton:<nil> Family:CCDs Label:SX CCD Version:1.15 Role: Custom:false Name:SX CCD}
2021/10/01 14:17:41 {Binary:indi_ioptronv3_telescope Skeleton:<nil> Family:Telescopes Label:iOptron CEM120 Version:1.4 Role: Custom:false Name:iOptronV3}
2021/10/01 14:17:41 {Binary:indi_aagcloudwatcher_ng Skeleton:<nil> Family:Weather Label:AAG Cloud Watcher NG Version:1.6 Role: Custom:false Name:AAG Cloud Watcher NG}
2021/10/01 14:17:41 Test connection to local INDI-Server on localhost:7624...
2021/10/01 14:17:41 ...OK
2021/10/01 14:17:41 Connecting to the cloud...
2021/10/01 14:17:41 ...OK
2021/10/01 14:17:42 Current agent version: 1.0.6
2021/10/01 14:17:42 Access token: 048b2866ac37496880490a4a21f520ca
2021/10/01 14:17:42 Host session token: 912965dd061d4edfa16f2d47cf2f631d
2021/10/01 14:17:42 Starting INDI-Server in the cloud...
2021/10/01 14:17:42 ...OK

                                *               INDIHUB public address list!!              *

                                Please provide your guest with this information:

                                1. Public address list from the above
                                2. Focal length and aperture of your main telescope
                                3. Focal length and aperture of your guiding telescope
                                4. Type of guiding you use: PHD2 or guiding via camera
                                5. Names of your imaging camera and guiding cameras

                                NOTE: These public addresses will be available ONLY until
                                agent is running! (Ctrl+C will stop the session)

2021/10/01 14:19:29 Connecting to local INDI-Server... on localhost:7624
2021/10/01 14:19:29 ...OK
2021/10/01 14:19:30 Client closed connection 1 to the cloud, so closing it to local INDI-Server too
2021/10/01 14:19:30 Failed to receive a response from INDI-Server: read tcp> use of closed network connection
^C2021/10/01 14:20:18 Stopping API-server gracefully. OS signal received: interrupt

AT THIS POINT, I closed the session with CONTRL-C

2021/10/01 14:20:18 Closing share-session
                                *               INDIHUB session finished!!                 *
                                   INDI-Server: - CLOSED!!
2021/10/01 14:20:18 API-server was shutdown gracefully
stellarmate@stellarmate:~ $ 

Here's what I had entered into the Mac version of Kstars.  It looks fine to me.


Once I hit the connect button, KStars crashes to the desktop.