Mike Jaquays created a new topic ' Polar Alignment Issue' in the forum. 3 years ago

Hello Team,

I've been using Ekos for a few months now, and am very impressed. Thanks for the great tool. I've noticed an issue, as of late, with the polar alignment (beta) tool. I am running Ekos on Ubuntu 17.04 64bit. Build: 2017-07-25T07:27:42Z works as expected. I navigate to the Polar Alignment tool. I click start, the tool captures an image, solves the image, then asks me if I want to auto-rotate my mount and capture the remaining two images. All is good.

I am unable to perform any successful polar alignments with any version after Build: 2017-07-25T07:27:42Z. The issue is when I begin the polar alignment, the tool will capture the first of three images, solve it, then just restart the capture and solve process over and over again. The tool never enters the mount rotation phase. I initially assumed it was me not pointing my scope close enough to the celestial pole, but that no longer seems to be the case.

Has something changed with the process for using the polar alignment tool? I've attempted to perform the polar alignment before, and after, using the Mount Model Tool. However, I am unsuccessful either way with any version of Ekos after Build: 2017-07-25T07:27:42Z.