Dear all,

I have an Altair AA 183MM Pro, that I bought specifically to use with indi. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to use it properly, as I often need to reboot something (either the driver or the indiserver or the ekos indi client crash or become unusable).
Anyway, let start with a bug I can easily reproduce.
Whenever I launch indiserver with indi_altair_ccd driver alone:I get a very weird behaviour after I have launched an acquisition, on the client side, I basically end-up with a completely blank client (and of course never manage to get the nice image pop-up as it works with the asi driver for zwo ccd):

Here are some logs from the driver logs:and from the driver verbose output:

If someone can help, I have no idea where to start, I use plenty of different driver, but Altair is really the one always causing me troubles I haven't seen with any other driver.