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Yes, using ANSVR..

Originally using a mac for client Kstars/Astrometry and indexes but plate solving crashed immediately and I really don't know how to uninstall all
the required dependencies and reinstall all required software short of resorting to a fresh install of OSX, but that is a whole other issue.

The rotation I understand is corrected with WCS, yes? But does it also rotate on the "x" and "y" axis?

So my question is does Ekos/INDI know how to handle this automatically or do I need a "erecting prism" in the mix...




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My first post and new to astrophotograpy so please be gentle.

I seem to have a problem with plate-solving. Trying to capture and sync seems to work but capture and goto drifts all around the target.

My set up
Raspberry Pi 3 running indi..
Meade LX90 Autostar 8"
Nikon 5100 DSLR (Mounted upside down due to focuser in the way)
Arduino DIY auto focus using MoonLite protocol.
Meade LPI (Attempt to use as guider but issues with exposure settings so unable to capture).
Windows remote machine to plate-solve.
ALt-Z Mount

My question is since the image received by the camera is reversed on both axis' because of the nature of the SCT telescope (Upside down and flipped),
does the software auto correct the image before plate solving or is there something the the indi set-up for this setting...?

Auto flip image on camera settings on or off does not solve on either settings (Bc camera is upside down).