Dear all,
I'm a new user and I have been trying indiserver with a Celestron LCM mount for test, and some qhy and sx cameras, with fine results.
Now I am testing conection of Synscan mount through eqmod with a pc direct usb cable. In local connection in my computer it works fine (there was a problem with user permissions but it was fixed with adduser command).

Now I've connected USB cable to an orangepi pc-plus (wich worked fine with cameras and Celestron CGEM and LCM mounts), I start indiserver with indi_eqmod_telescope, start EKOS in my client laptop, start INDI, and when I'm connecting, it fails and shows the error message:

2017-07-24T12:24:31: Communication with /dev/ttyUSB0 @ 9600 failed. Starting Auto Search...
2017-07-24T12:24:31: Error: -> tty read failed, check connection: Timeout error

Orangepi pc-plus runs armbian, and my laptop uses linux mint, with KstarsVersion 2.2.0
Using KDE Development Platform 4.13.3. I've made adduser to try in case an user permission were the problem, but not worked. I tryied to solve it changing to another port, from USB0 to USB1, but it didn't work.
I attach log.

Best regards