Juan Menendez replied to the topic 'Setting dome parameters' in the forum. 5 years ago

There is no autocalibration method implemented in the MaxDomeII driver yet. If you want to figure out the ticks per turn you can use the following procedure:

  • go to the home position
  • put a high number (1000, for example) in "Ticks per turn"
  • move the dome a full turn with the manual buttons and check the angle in "Absolute position"
  • calculate the ticks per turn: 1000*angle/360
You have to choose a high initial value in "Ticks per turn" in order to be sure a full rotation does not exceed 360 degrees.

On the park azimuth question: I don't know what is the best method. I always keep the dome in the home position when unused, which is defined by the physical location of the index mark.