Wim van Berlo created a new topic ' ASI120MM-S misbehaving' in the forum. 7 months ago

I use a ZWO ASI120MM-S as a guide camera and it has always worked fine. In fact I used it yesterday night for guiding with the internal guider and had no issues at all.
When I started up Ekos tonight however, the camera suddenly misbehaves. Despite being set to take 3 seconds guide exposures, it persists in taking 9 second exposures and saving them to my home folder. The real surprise to me, is that I have never set it to take 9 second exposures. I have restarted my computer (Rock64 sbc) and even physically removed and reconnected the camera. No change.
I can't find any reason for this behaviour in the INDI settings for the camera or in Ekos. So, what's happening?

I attach the Ekos log for the latest session start.

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