I have not tested anything yet.

I did choose the defaults and when I logged in I noticed that as opposed to other installs I've done in the past, there was nothing on the desk top. I am curious about setting up an auto-start of the ekos server so I can connect to it with the client on my Windows PC. Maybe you have it already auto start transparently? I haven't looked. I have it installed on my RP4 but haven't connected anything to it yet. Maybe tomorrow.


Thanks, working on it now. Would be neat to have a message prior to "it would be a good idea to reboot now" to get the IP address for VNC and deliver a message " Your IP is X, please write it down and connect with VNC using that IP"


Lead_weight wrote: Wow, OK, I had no idea you could do this. I've been using Ekos for probably two years and never pressed that button. Haha. Probably my previous mounts didn't support it.

Ok, so if you can make a mount model from within EKOS, what settings do you want for your mount. I had a few folks on Cloudy Nights insist that the Mount always update Ekos. Should it be the reverse for this? Or does that not matter when sync'ing alignment points? What do your mount settings look like in the mount driver? Are you using the default settings?

Very sorry I never replied to this. I gave up on ekos when it didn't seem the bug was going to be fixed soon enough. However this thread got a few responses and it showed up in my spam folder so I am back here to see what is new.

You want the mount to update ekos IF you are running a gps at your mount as it will have accurate position and time updates. Your computer will not be as accurate.

However if you run some sort of app on your computer that updates very frequently with the latest atomic clock settings then I suppose you can have ekos update the mount instead. Example: www.groovypost.com/howto/synchronize-clo...nternet-atomic-time/


Curious if I could get some advice on connecting Sky Safari to Ekos.

I just purchased an old ETX 125 Meade telescope and mount. I have successful connection from EKOS to the mount where I can slew it around.

One issue I noticed is that I told it to slew a bit by clicking on an arrow and it continued to slew until I pressed the opposite arrow button in EKOS. So I thought that was strange.

However moving on now to Sky Safari. I have SkySafari on my iphone and connected it to EKOS by plugging in the Raspberry Pi 3b+ to my local area network and the iPhone being on the same network I set it up and put in the raspberry pi's IP address given from my router. Then pressing "connect" on SkySafari it took about 30 seconds before it gave me the tone indicating success.

I was then able to slew the mount around with my phone by pushing on the sky safari arrows along the border. Seems to work. This is as far as I've gotten.

My goal is to use my Raspberry Pi and Ekos as a wifi adapter allowing me to use my phone with Sky Safari when I am doing Astronomy Outreach or just Planet Hopping.

So the RaspBerry needs to be able to boot up, launch Ekos, connect to the meade, create a wifi hotspot and wait for SkySafari to try and connect. I think I can get this working but I am curious of a few things I can't figure out yet.

How do I get ekos to boot and connect automatically to the mount?
Can I put a delay in so that it gives the mount enough time to boot up before it tries to connect?
Why does it take so long for skysafari to connect? 30 seconds seems too long.


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I have an active subscription but I can't find out how to cancel the subscription. I am not using INDI at the moment. I'll resubscribe at a latter date. I've looked all over my account settings and I can see active subscriptions but there is no cancel subscription button. I think you are making it too difficult to cancel.

I-NVANN1LGRM2K is the subscription ID.


Looks great. I was trying to consider what I have that might draw more than 3 amps. Maybe my camera at 100% cooling or a dew heater?

I think I need to test it and find out. :)


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Sounds good. I'll comment out the line and the section where it installs and carry on. Then later I'll attempt to re-install.

BTW, have you looked further into adding ASTAP install and their stellar catalog install as part of your script? Even if it is an option you could querry for "Install ASTAP and Catalog?" [Y/N] or whatever. That would be great.



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Rasbian on my Rp4 I was trying out the script this morning and ran into a problem reaching GSC distro

checkForConnection GSC-Source " cdsarc.u-strasbg.fr/viz-bin/nph-Cat/tar.gz?bincats/GSC_1.2 "

Could not be found/connected to. Did they change the name? Did the server go down for maintenance? I don't know but thought you'd like to know.


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Ok great. I scanned through the script and some mention of lightdm so I was concerned. I'll press ahead.

Thank you


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Just to confirm, I do not have -Mate version. Just standard Ubuntu. Will it break or am I required to install mate desktop first? I am not really a fan of mate desktop so I am trying to avoid that. Thank you


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I am starting from scratch with a clean install of ubuntu 18.04 on my fanless mini-pc with intel processor.

Which script is best for me to use to setup?

Thank you.


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I have a Raspbian Buster 64bit OS install on my Raspberry Pi 4 and everything is 64bit which I am happy with.

However, the .deb packages from the ASTAP website that are 64bit do not install using package manager. They all told me they could not be installed. So I grabbed the 32bit which was armhf and it worked fine for the install. I have not tried it live yet.

If there is a way to install the 64bit Aarm64 bit version I would love to know what it is I have to do.

Essentially I downloaded the Rasp buster full from Raspberry pi's website. Did all the updates to it to bring it to latest version. Then I used the install script from AstroPi3's thread. Then updated everything again. Then tried to install ASTAP.

Unfortunately only the 32bit version would install.