Curious if I could get some advice on connecting Sky Safari to Ekos.

I just purchased an old ETX 125 Meade telescope and mount. I have successful connection from EKOS to the mount where I can slew it around.

One issue I noticed is that I told it to slew a bit by clicking on an arrow and it continued to slew until I pressed the opposite arrow button in EKOS. So I thought that was strange.

However moving on now to Sky Safari. I have SkySafari on my iphone and connected it to EKOS by plugging in the Raspberry Pi 3b+ to my local area network and the iPhone being on the same network I set it up and put in the raspberry pi's IP address given from my router. Then pressing "connect" on SkySafari it took about 30 seconds before it gave me the tone indicating success.

I was then able to slew the mount around with my phone by pushing on the sky safari arrows along the border. Seems to work. This is as far as I've gotten.

My goal is to use my Raspberry Pi and Ekos as a wifi adapter allowing me to use my phone with Sky Safari when I am doing Astronomy Outreach or just Planet Hopping.

So the RaspBerry needs to be able to boot up, launch Ekos, connect to the meade, create a wifi hotspot and wait for SkySafari to try and connect. I think I can get this working but I am curious of a few things I can't figure out yet.

How do I get ekos to boot and connect automatically to the mount?
Can I put a delay in so that it gives the mount enough time to boot up before it tries to connect?
Why does it take so long for skysafari to connect? 30 seconds seems too long.