Micheal Fields created a new topic ' Indi auto start raspberry pi' in the forum. 5 months ago

I am back to try this all again after a couple years absence. I've forgotten a lot about the set up and was curious if things have evolved to a point where my previous solution is out dated.

I have a Raspberry Pi 4 at my telescope and I want to connect to it via a remote PC system / Windows 10 using Kstars / ekos. Previously it was done by installing the webserver through pip and it would listen for a connection attempt and then launch ekos or indi or whatever it is.

Is there a built in way to do this now? I have ekos up and running and all my gear connected to my raspberry pi. I have not tested this in the field yet, just doing some indoor testing of functionality at the moment.

So ultimately my question is, when the Raspberry boots how do I get it to listen for a remote ekos connection? Currently I have to VNC over to it and launch ekos through kstars/tools/ekos . I don't need kstars running on my raspberry. Just the minimum whatever that is. Thanks!