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How to configure the stellarmate that the access point always is on, even when the device is connected to other network (by ethernet or second wifi card) ?.


Do you plan to add bad pixel map like in phd2 ?. Single dark with uncooled camera add noise.


Any good news on this topic ?.


Is now possible to connect qhy wheel with zwo camera ?.


I have Pentax K-70. When Pentax native driver will be avaiable in Stellarmate OS ?


Thank you for fast replay. Problem is solved. I have to unsolder small capacistor (DTR Reset Capacistor). Arduino Nano clone v3 now don't reset on connect and respond to commands without delay. Filter wheel now works great.




I have made hardware. Commands works from Arduino Ide Serial Monitor (on PC and RPI). I can't connect from Ekos with Xagyl wheel driver. System is Raspberry pi 3B.

: Connecting to /dev/ttyUSB1 @ 9600
DEBUG 22.912000 sec : Port FD 3
DEBUG 22.912213 sec : Connection successful, attempting handshake...
DEBUG 22.912324 sec : CMD <I1>
ERROR 54.930461 sec : I1: Timeout error.
INFO 54.930725 sec : Error retreiving data from XAGYL Filter Wheel, please ensure filter wheel is powered and the port is correct.
DEBUG 54.930860 sec : Handshake failed.

There is no response for I1 command. In ino code firmware version is "FW3.1.5." Any clue ?


Hi Nacho,

Thank You for your work. I have compiled the driver. The weather is poor. I will try to test the driver over the weekend.



I did not talk about it with Ioptron. I know this from deleted Yahoo group "Ioptron telescope etc.." and yahoo group about Skysafari.

I have succesfuly calibrated mount. I have made first guided exposeure with Ekos. Code from previous post works.

Problem is with isSlewComplete method. I can't make exposures after goto. Have to disconnect, make calibration again (internal guider don't save calibration), make photo.
First I will try this code if (currentRA==targetRA and currentDEC==targetDEC) return true; for isSlewing method.

Commnad :CM# is ignored if telescope is slewing and return "Cordinates matched ... etc" if telescope is not slewing. Command reference say about do :CM# after goto and :CMR# in other Sync case etc. If simple solution with compare current and target RA/DEC fail, I will try merge it with Sync command :CM#.

Obsolte driver has many functions. I vote on 4. new driver on base on LX200GotoNova and implement functionality from Your driver.

Thank you



Thank you for the attached documents. Document "iOptron iEQ45 RS-232 COMMAND LANGUAGE November 22, 2010" is correct for Ieq45 with 8406HC.
It confirms that the appropriate commands for the pulse guide are like "Me999#" .

I do not have much programming skills but I will try to improve the driver.

Comands Me# and Mw# dosen't works corect. There is bug in the firmware. Ioptron will never fix it. I think about workaround. Maxim Dl uses small goto for move by arrows.

Could You check commands :SE?# and :SE# ?. My mount does not respond to them.


bgilsrud wrote: Nice work!
I'm glad to hear that your DSI III is working with the INDI driver...I think you're the first one to confirm this.


I run two instances of driver.
I think only few people use two DSIs with Indi. My DSI III has additional 4-stage peltier cooling. My code modification is sufficient for me.

Your driver is better than the original ASCOM. The driver allows to turn off the amplifier. Thank you for excelent work.

The ccd sensor in Meade DSI III Color is ICX285AQ
please add this code:

else if (ccd == "ICX285AQ")
DEBUG (INDI :: Logger :: DBG_SESSION, "Found a DSI Color III!");

I have to manualy enter RGGB filter in order to debayer in fits preview.