I am trying to use indi with my camera module v2 on a raspberry pi 3/ubuntu mate 16.04.
I did a lot of tries before asking and listed below what I did :

  • I made sure my raspberry pi camera module v2 was ok with the "raspistill".
  • I followed the install instructions presented here : www.indilib.org/support/tutorials/169-ek...-complete-guide.html
  • Indi seems totally ok and I launch my server with the indi_v4l2_ccd driver.
  • with phd2 I can connect to the server, it is able to retrieve resolution, pixel size, ... and I can connect to the camera (in the tray bay I can see camera connected").
  • My only problem is when I set a 0.2 sec exposure, it seems to start but never ends.

I would take any clue to progress on my investigations.

Thank you in advance for your help !