I have plenty of updates to give you !

Actually, It seems that my EKOS is not able to send the configuration of the image it wants from the cam when I click on the preview button: each time I get an "ioctl invalid" .

To avoid that, I tweaked the parameters from INDI configuration tap BEFORE coming into kstars/ekos :
*Capture Option / Capture Format : YUYV 4:2:2
*Capture Size : 1024x768
Then I went to Ekos and it worked ! :)

I had still had some things to improve:

* Indi tells me 1sec is the maximum I can do and I did not succeed photos with more than 1024x768 while "raspistill -w 2592 -h 1944 -ISO 800 -ss 6000000 -br 80 -co 100 -o out.jpeg" makes 6 sec hi-res photos...

* [solved, I do not know how ?] : INDI configuration window was not reachable from EKOS : each time I wanted to change or see something, I closed KStar, I "indiserver indi_V4l2_ccd" and I use PDH2 which has a button to reach Indi config. -> after hours tweaking, it appeared that the INDI parameter window is supposed to appear just after "start indi" ! It never did that to me until recently :woohoo: . It is now much easier to change settings and consult indi log

I therefore have now advanced in my journey with several questions :

  • Longer exposures, I think it is already posted here
  • Higher Resolution : I can live without it for now, let say it leads to binning and therefore better SNR... let's say...
  • Why the Indi configuration window did not show before ?
  • Why is there an invalid ioctl, I propose to keep only this question for this post

Many thanks for your help, I would be more than happy to provide additional logs or anything else to help.

PS : last thought, as "raspistill" is a command line tool would you think a indi driver feasible to wrap all its functionalities ?