Dave Shack replied to the topic 'Lodestar driver not connecting' in the forum. 3 years ago

Thanks for the suggested workaround, I hit this last night.

Looking in /var/cache/apt/archives, I picked the version before the latest (since I assume it was the latest version that caused this due to an update). In my case the files were dated ~20180209xxxxxx~

Worked after installing the older versions.


Thanks Magnus. I had not thought of that. Will give that combo a go when I am back at t he observatory. Assume it calibrates in RA and then just assumes the DEC axis operates with the same parameters.


Thanks Jasem. Will see if I can get some logs later in the week when I am back at the observatory. Weather permitting ...

Thank you (and the rest of the contributors) for all your heard work here and on the platform!


I am setting up my observatory, hoping to get a remote setup going.

I am struggling to get the INDI Guide Module working with the Celestron AVX mount. Callibration is not working in DEC. Barely moves fwd in DEC, and never returns back and fails. RA seems to work OK.

I have tried sending the guiding via ST-4 and the mount. On PC PHD2 I have normally used ST-4, on INDI only the mount seems to work. I have had PHD2 on the PC working.

Has anyone else got this working. I have included a number of screen shots of my configuration, I include some of Guide Pules being sent via the INDI Mount 'Guide Tab.

Suggestions welcome!

Key Setup:
- Celestron AVX Mount
- Celestron 8in edge HD (2010mm fl / 201mm app) with 0.7x reducer.
- Orion Guide Scope (162mm fl / 50mm app)
- Lodestar X2 guide cam