It may help :

1. I Use one in Obsys like attached picture - it uses either Wifi or Wired (I use wired) but the wifi can act as an AP see below abount comment on network usage

2. I would not,IMHO, use it on the Indi Attached PI Wifi network or attached directly to your PI as it will/could have a direct effect on your processing power and Network performance. USB Web cams have the same effect plus power usage.

3. Mine does have a Infra red LED's so you need to switch it off during actual imaging. So maybe the good old Analogue Samsung 435 I used to use was better as it didn't have the LED's

4. Its useful to watch the clouds approaching LOL when you wonder why your image is suddenly poor!

You can get the "baby Cams" which again use Wifi or Wired and if using Wifi just need power supply (mostly 12v) or perhaps one the DIY ESP32 web server cams , PI Zero (or other) with PI CAM noir - last 2 not going to get HD quality - if reqd.

I find mine useful in many ways .