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knro wrote: Yeah I'm working on that. RGB is swapped.

Is this an Issue with the KStars FITS Viewer? Because I'm having also strange colors with my canon 70d dslr.

Viewing the File with an external Viewer works just fine:

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wow, that was a really fast response. you are right, there is no advantage of not using the hand controller, but i have plenty of rj14 cables at home :)

Thank you. i will check it out.


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Hey folks,

today i took the chance to buy a used Nexstar 4SE (my first scope).

IIndilib server and web-manager are already up and running on my rpi 3 with raspbian. i had to compile indilib and third-party libraries from sources, since there were mismatching package dependencies with the latest raspbian. I was using kstars/ekos on macos and the indi-server on the rpi with the simulators (ccd, eqmod, nexstar gps) in the past few weeks, to test the software and see how all the stuff works. It is very impressive what you guys have created here. Now i'm trying to figure out on how to connect my mount.

Is it possible to connect the mount through the AUX port on the base, without using the handcontroller? Which driver i need to use (celestron nexstar, celestron gps) ?

I'm also planing to buy a guiding camera. Since the nexstar 4/5 mount doesn't have st4 port, does the driver/mount sopport pulse command for auto guiding?

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