I had already deleted libreoffice and thunderbird before posting this. And I think I saw some of the effects from it. I started getting errors out of nowhere, and sometimes trying to connect via VNC just didn't work right. So....back to square one with a fresh install. Now I know :)

El Corazon wrote:
Here's a link to a recent post ( www.indilib.org/forum/embedded-indi/3185...t-connect.html#24517 )where I summed up some of my experience with the Pi3. An additional piece of info, not covered here, is the importance of the read and write speed of the SD card. Not all Class10 cards are the same. I use the 128GB Samsung EvoSelect microSDXC UHS-I card ($40). That works very well in the Pi3. I have used another Class10 SD card with similar read and write speed (supposedly!) that slows my Pi3 down to snail sprinting speed (you don't want to go there). The card IS important. Also, I put a Swap file on an external USB 2.5" HD, which I also use for storing captured video. But the most important thing is the I/O on the SD card. You have to use the fastest one you can get. A speedy wireless connection is also important.

I'm not *too* worried about storage, I have a nice 16gb card running ubuntu mate, and I plan on storing all images on the camera. I actually considered trying this on an Odroid XU4, I have one running my home NAS and I love it. They are hard to keep in stock, and I'm unsure if Mate would run on it but that's the type of machine I'd really want to do this sort of work.