rlancaste wrote: The odroid is very nice, my 64 bit script works well with that. I can't use it really with my camera due to the issue of SBIG not releasing a 64 bit arm version of their driver, but other than that the odroid c2 works great. I have had way more problems with trying the Rock64. But despite having them, i am still imaging with the raspberry pi.

I do bet there are some things you can delete to answer the question, and when i first started in 2016, I did try to delete as many as I could, but I found that it was a lot of extra effort to do so, so now I just ignore the extra stuff.



Good to know, ever tried the Odroid XU4? As for deleting things, It's not like a few hundred megs will make a huge difference in the grand scheme of things, especially if there is a chance to break dependencies or crash the OS.