wvreeven wrote: As it happens I ordered an XU4 recently and it is due to arrive next Monday. I'll inform you about it as soon as I have it working which probably will be Monday night (CEST) ;-)

I have an XU4 serving as my home NAS, it almost seems a waste in that capacity but the USB3 was a huge bonus for the file transfer and backup. Keep me informed how that works out for Kstars/Ekos. Is there an Odroid thread yet? I know there is the Rock64 thread.

I got excited after Rob said his 64bit script works well on the Odroid and I ordered all the parts to do this project with a C2, including an EMMC module. Maybe it's not a horrible idea to start an Odroid thread so we can compare and troubleshoot them?

My stuff should be arriving Monday Apr 2.