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After your posting, i recognized, that i have a problem here too. I used the "dark" feature 2 times now, and always had a problem. MThe countdown ran to 0 and nothing happenend. I did not have the idea, that that has something to do with the dark feature. I´ll have a try on that next time i think.


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the.cakemaker thanked Patrick Chevalley in topic Mount model yesterday
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OK, but what exactly is "Astrometry Options"?


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Oh this would explain a lot fir me. I‘ll have a try on that for sure.
By the way. I remember one time, where due to plate solving somewhere in ekos there was written something like „you told me you have 600mm but in reality you have 624.6mm please update that!“

Would be nice to find out where that was...

Cheers Niki


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No real workflow yet. Always hat problems building a mount model with my dslr, because it did not always get the images solved.
But since i found out that plate solving with the asi is working great i think i will make a new mount model next time the moon is away.
What i did was the option "named stars" and i used 3 star alignment.



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1. OK, thats an idea. So where can i find that point?
2. No, i´m not using that nightly, i´m on the last official version 2.9.8. On the Linux machine and on my macbook. The thing is that i am not so fit in linux, you remember :) I just don´t know how to install this nightly build... Maybe you have advice? And what exactly would that change?
3. I´ll have a try with delete from SD card. Can this be set for PLATE SOLVING ONLY?
4. I know, no logs... My fault, but now this is setup right.

I think my way will be plate solving via the ASI cause its way faster, and then i´ll capture with DSLR and set the capture target to local only.
Another Question. Atm i have a little oval stars. Could you tell which parameters i should tweak in which way, to get rid of that?

so long


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Same setup as with my Orion. Hope you like it.
Skywatcher EQ6-R
Lacerta 10" f/4 Carbon-Fotonewton 250/1000
Lacerta GPU Komakorrektor
Canon EOS 5D MarkIII mit Astromod
MGenII via Off Axis Guider
Steuerung via KStars

Lights: 42X180sec bei ISO 1250 (2Stunden 6 Minuten)
Flats; Darks; Bias
Bearbeitet in Pixinsight, Photoshop, Lightroom


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Hey there.

Because of the "great-wheather-catastrophe" the last 3 weeks i did a lot of testing with indi.
I attached a guiding scope with guiding cam instead of my mgen on the off axis guider
Additionally i installed the inde web werver on my linux laptop, that stays outside next to my mount, to test controlling the system from inside on my macbook.
All in all it works quite good but i found some behaviour of the system, i can not really understand.

1:Plate solving: I always have a special relation to plate solving with my DSLR, a Canon EOS 5DMarkIII. sometimes it works in 10 secs, sometimes in 2 minutes an sometimes i times out... Always when i find know i know what the problem is, its not working anymore and i have to switch to online solving, that deos not work always too...
so the last days i thought i coud try to use my guiding cam for plate solving, and so i did that. And guess what?
It takes 2 secs - 5 secs. Extremely fast and foult free. HOW COME? somebody got a explanation for that?

2: Session with guiding, dithering an capturing.
so i set up my asi120mm on my asi 60280 guiding scope, ditherin ON.
I start capturing 80 Lights, 180secs, GO
Everything WOULD work fine, but there is one BIG problem: When my DSLR is finished capturing a Frame, the picture is uploaded by default to the Client PC. And that takes a looooong time. A Minute or longer. In this time, i get faults from the Guiding module, because the system thinks there is something wrong... And it costs time too. I managed to work around this by clicking on "Save only local" in the INDI section of the canon. But i have to do so for every new job. If i click on local only in EKOS, it has no effect...
since i use the Save to SD card feature anyway, it would not need this transfer anyway. Maybe someone has a suggestion for how to set up the whole thing right?

3. Snap-Snap problem or "Ghost Pictures" with my Canon DSLR
I still have this problem from time to time. But now that i control the whole thing from inside, and i have this problem, i have to lock down the whole system on both computers, to get rid of it. This is extremely annoying. Especially if i do not recognize it and the Platesolving runs into a loop, because it always solves "the picture from before" Could this be solved with "local only" saving of the pictures?

4. Automatic meridian flip.
The day before yesterday, the system tried to flip but gave up. Unfortunately i did something wrong at the logfile system so i have no log for that.
Yesterday i tried to force a flip by guiding on a object about 5 minutes before the flip. I waited for about 40 minutes, but no flip occured.

To work around all of that i work now with: Guiding and platesoving via guiding-cam; Capturing the DSLR pictures only local and not sending them to the remote Computer (can that really be?)

hoping for answers



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I just have to say, i find that really great! :)

I am thinking bout my own small observatory, next to my house. And INDI would be my weapon of choice.



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Hey there!

I have the chance to buy a Moravian G2 8300 color, used, for a good price

But i am only interested if its supported under indi.

I ca not find it in the CCD list, so can anyone tell me if it will work?

Because if not, its useless for me.




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