Hi Jasem!

Yes it used to be my "Kubuntu" Laptop as you say. I´m still no Linux-Crack so i do not really know if its Kubuntu or whatever.
I deleted the System Anyway, for getting a Dualboot-System with Windows/Linux for testing purposes.
ATM i have a new Win10 installation running with SGP-Trial Version and this is where i testet the Lodestar with running OK on bin 1x1.
What i believe is that is must have something to do with the usb connection.
I have problems all the time with connecting my gear and getting messages similar to " this port is allready used by another device"
This happens random and is most of the time solved by switching of and back on devices...
I did not yet find out how this could be solved...
Funny, because i ussually never change the wireing of my devices since i am working stationary.

Maybe its a hardware-related problem with my laptop in connection to Linux?

Maybe i should try another Linuxversion? Would you recommend one?