the.cakemaker replied to the topic 'PHD2 Connection problem' in the forum. 2 years ago

I understand what you say.

The problem is that i am at the point "creating" the profile in PHD, and eveen here the problem allready occurs.

I have phd as guider in EKOS. I start PHD. I start KStars and the system connects automaitc immideately.
Ending up in the state you see on the vid...

I have to explain the situation in detail.

Got an ASUS Vivobook running some KDE-Neon-Plasma whatever...
Problems with the Lodestar X2 running on BIN 2x2 only. Bin 1x1 gives me timeouts. (ordered special cables to maybe get rid of that)
For testing purposes i erased the complete system and installed windows to have a clou how ASCOM behaves. (Under ASCOM everything runs fine)
So i installed the newest version of KUBUNTU how Jasem told me. Because on his Kubuntu System the same Cam has no issues at all.
So now i have a dualboot System running Win10 on one, and Kubuntu 20.-something on the other.
And THERE this problem started to happen.
I do not even have it on an old Stellarmate running 1.5.4 nor on my macbook air.
So it must have something to do with the Kubuntu, doesn´t it?
Can one somhow find out whats wrong?
Or "debug" something? Or just update kubuntu?