Hello Jasem
then this is my problem, I'm really not expert in indi code, but if I look at the nightcrawler.h code there is a lot of parts I could remove, I think, that have nothing to do with the rotator, like ....

// Focus Sync IUFillNumber(&SyncFocusN[0], "FOCUS_SYNC_OFFSET", "Ticks", "%.f", 0, 100000., 0., 0.); IUFillNumberVector(&SyncFocusNP, SyncFocusN, 1, getDeviceName(), "FOCUS_SYNC", "Sync", MAIN_CONTROL_TAB, IP_RW, 0, IPS_IDLE );   // Voltage IUFillNumber(&VoltageN[0], "VALUE", "Value (v)", "%.2f", 0, 30., 1., 0.); IUFillNumberVector(&VoltageNP, VoltageN, 1, getDeviceName(), "Voltage", "Voltage", MAIN_CONTROL_TAB, IP_RO, 0, IPS_IDLE );   // Temperature IUFillNumber(&TemperatureN[0], "TEMPERATURE", "Value (C)", "%.2f", -100, 100., 1., 0.); IUFillNumberVector(&TemperatureNP, TemperatureN, 1, getDeviceName(), "FOCUS_TEMPERATURE", "Temperature", MAIN_CONTROL_TAB, IP_RO, 0, IPS_IDLE );   // Temperature offset IUFillNumber(&TemperatureOffsetN[0], "OFFSET", "Offset", "%.2f", -15, 15., 1., 0.); IUFillNumberVector(&TemperatureOffsetNP, TemperatureOffsetN, 1, getDeviceName(), "TEMPERATURE_OFFSET", "Temperature", MAIN_CONTROL_TAB, IP_WO, 0, IPS_IDLE );   // Motor Step Delay IUFillNumber(&FocusStepDelayN[0], "FOCUS_STEP", "Value", "%.f", 7, 100., 1., 7.); IUFillNumberVector(&FocusStepDelayNP, FocusStepDelayN, 1, getDeviceName(), "FOCUS_STEP_DELAY", "Step Rate", SETTINGS_TAB, IP_RW, 0, IPS_IDLE );   // Limit Switch   IUFillLight(&LimitSwitchL[OUT_SWITCH], "OUT_SWITCH", "Focus Out Limit", IPS_OK); IUFillLight(&LimitSwitchL[IN_SWITCH], "IN_SWITCH", "Focus In Limit", IPS_OK); IUFillLightVector(&LimitSwitchLP, LimitSwitchL, 3, getDeviceName(), "LIMIT_SWITCHES", "Limit Switch", SETTINGS_TAB, IPS_IDLE); 
Because it's a part that doesn't fit me for the rotator ?

On the other hand I can't find the function that kstars sends to the arduino to tell it to do the GoHome

I'm not sure if you have the time to do it, but I'm sure you can figure out how to do it, so I'm not sure if you have the time.

Thanks again