Hi John, I think I'm getting a bit stuck with installing nightly builds. I have tried the set of commands from both here and here , but neither seems to alter anything about my setup. It remains the stable version 3.6.1 from 19 October.
That is also the feedback when I'm trying to install:
indi-full is already the newest version (1.9.9~202210191247~ubuntu20.04.1).
kstars-bleeding is already the newest version (6:3.6.1+202210191503~ubuntu20.04.1).

Do I need to uninstall the stable version first? Sounds a bit scary...
I've got a Pi with Stellarmate lying here as well. If I'm not mistaken in Stellarmate there is a switch to use nightly builds or not. Would that be an alternative for testing the new version?

Thanks, Willem Jan.