I just upgraded to KStars 3.6.2 and now have access to the new Pegasus Uranus Meteo Station INDI driver. Excellent! That is a whole lot of info right there at your fingertips to monitor conditions.

There are however a few questions, mostly related to not understanding how the various measurements carry through to other parts of the application:
- In the observatory module, none of the values matches the ones from the INDI driver (either 'Sensors' or 'Environment' tab
- In the observatory module, there is no change in values if I select 'Pegasus UPB' (to which I have not plugged in the weather sensor) or 'Uranus Meteo sensor'
- Between INDI driver, Observatory and MountWizzard4, none of the Temperatures seem to match (see screenshot)

- MountWizzard4 seems to pickup the values from the 'Parameters' tab. Is it possible to add Pressure and Dewpoint to the Parameters tab? (see screenshot)

Do others experience the same?