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There is other weird stuff going on with these systems on the NanoPi-M4. I have been trying to activate X11VNC using a separate administrator account instead of the 'pi' user account on the system. For the life of me, I cannot get the startup script for calling up the VNC server executed, although it runs perfectly fine when I run it in the terminal. Adding it to the autostart folder in ~/.config doesn't help either. All the permissions for that folder should be set correctly. The very same script with the very same method executes and connects perfectly fine at startup when I log in and autostart it as user 'pi'.
Happens only on Lubuntu, though, not with the Ubuntu image.

Maybe you are encountering similar permission problems when you are compiling the kernel on those systems.


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ajh499 wrote: Cracked it!!

I built the dev branch of Armbian from source, installed that and it worked.
The camera works almost perfectly, occasionally I get a message, seemingly from the driver itself that it can't connect, but unplugging the camera and plugging it back in again fixes that every time, and then it runs fine after that.

The only problem with the OS that I've come across so far is that the WiFi driver appears to be missing. Wired networking is fine though.

Does anyone know what driver the WiFi uses on these boards?
Please could someone do an "lsmod" and find the WiFi driver name, as I can't find out what it's called without going back to an old installation.

The driver is rtl8xxxu.


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knro wrote: Thanks, I think I found the issue in the driver. When it stopped, it was setting case to IDLE instead of OK, so Ekos didn't know it stopped successfully. I just pushed a chance to the driver, can you please recompile and test?

I may be able to test this before Wouter. Where can I download the changes you made?

Also, I saw a thread where others describe the same problems with ASI cameras that I had encountered when reporting this focuser problem. Are those changes fixed in the same revision?




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I don't see how that would be a solution. All my USB input goes into a powered hub and from there to the USB3 ports on the NanoPi. Everything else continues to work fine, e.g. the ASI120 guide cam continues to feed images, FW stays connected as does the mount.
I would expect them to drip out as well, if the USB port cannot provide enough power. Why only the ASI1600MM?


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That could indeed by also my problem:

I made the exact same observation: ASI120MM works perfectly, ASI1600MM getting stuck after 1 or 2 images. I never moved passed the focuser, though, I was ascribing the bad behavior to the focuser module, not to the USB3 ports in my NanoPi-M4, which I did not suspect, since the port connects the mount, focuser, guide cam, filter wheel and main imaging camera through a single powered USB hub without any problem. All other components seem to work.

I guess what I need to do is test whether the guide module in KStars 3.3.3 is working normally with the ASI120MM. If it does, then the misbehavior is clearly not the problem of the guide module, but of the port, as you describe.

Thanks for this informative report!



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This case works perfectly. It is set up for the installation of a 30mm fan. I tested it out with the RPi4 by running a stress test for 10 min straight, maxing out all CPUs to 100% continuously. The CPU temp never rose above 63 deg Celsius.

Baseline CPU temp is 48 deg Celsius at 22 deg room temperature.