Yes, I do this now. Or I set it to refocus on filter change and have my filters change between 45 min to 1 hour. I also have tried changing with HFR increases.

The point though is to keep autofocus runs to a minimum. I probably lose an hour total a night due to autofocus runs. I do three measurements per position set to average the frame. I do full frame images and get the measurement. A run takes about 10 minutes, and I'll often see between 6-10 runs a night. I can obviously speed this up if I do subframe, and less images per position; at the expense of less accuracy. And because I don't want them running more often than 45 minutes to an hour, I always see a gradual decline even within that hour of my frame quality. I graph this in APP when processing my frames. Living in the south, especially this time of year, the temperature drops rapidly every night causing big fast changes in FWHM, especially on my larger scope (Edge 11).

Anyhow, this thread isn't really about solving my specific issues, but how to make things better for everyone. Comments or suggestions on best implementation for any suggested idea is welcome.