I have configured my EQ-5 with custom motors and an AstroEQ controller using Astroberry (KStars, Ekos, INDI).

That works so far for every Star thas is from West over North to East and above the North Celestial Pole. When I cross that boarder, the RA and DEC axes move reversed and the pier side switch in The EQMod-Mount->Main Control Panel (INDI Control Panel) switches from "West(pointing East)" to "East(pointing West)". See the attached files from KStars.

I tried reconfiguring my mount controller and tried the "Reverse DEC" switch (which is not working with my controller).

I am just Slewing/Tracking here, not making images (meridian flip).
There is no alignment (tried, but won't help).
I am always starting from the default park position (Site Management -> Options -> Default -> Write)