Hi altogether,

now that my setup of OnStep, the astroberry pi, focuser and so on is ready, I am starting to dig deeper into KSTARS and EKOS. Since I use D.A.R.V. (manually) and wanted to integrate it into my workflow, I came about Jasems scripting HowTo ( indilib.org/develop/developer-manual/104-scripting.html ). For programming I don't have the time in the moment. Fortunately INDI is scriptable: indilib.org/develop/developer-manual/104-scripting.html - and I did it :-) Feel free to mail me your ideas or post at this thread - no crossposts supported (really!) ;-)

This is my very simple bash script which should do the thing.

github.com/apos/kstars_scripts/tree/master/d.a.r.v .

One question. setting the position of the scope can only be positioned with RA/DEC, not ALT/AZ coordinates. This is OK and I am using the (bad) algorithm to get near the meridian. I know the following solution is not very good. If someone has a better idea -> post here.

south=$(date +%I)
actMinute=$(date +%M)
actSecond=$(date +%S)
indi_setprop "${indi_telescope}.EQUATORIAL_EOD_COORD.RA;DEC=$south:$actMinute:$actSecond;$(( 0+$decOffsetNS ))"

=> indi_setprop "Telscope Simulatior.EQUATORIAL_EOD_COORD.RA;DEC=09:39:23;0"
where 09:39:23 is the local time in 12 hour format.

Cheers, Axel