Hi Again,

I have been working on this over the last week but I think I went into the deep end too quickly. I think there are things in C++ i'm still learning.
Jasem I followed your link and looked at the roll-off INDI driver simulator and I can't get my head around the code to make my own driver.

Jasem can you explain a bit more what you meant by "If you can communicate with the ESP32 over serial port, then you can use the regular serial port controls in INDI drivers. You can also connect over WiFi/Ethernet and issue any arbitrary commands. I guess it depends on what is exactly running on the other end."

As such I have been trying to adapt this project on Github to my ESP32: github.com/dokeeffe/indi-aldiroof.git

I have modified the Arduino sketch and the associated libraries under that folder (Firmata) and compiled all code successfully to the ESP32 board.

I also followed the "Setting Development Tutorial", installed Qt Creator and attempted to followed the videos but I'm stuck at this point. Apologies if i use the wrong terminologies as i ask for help.

1. Can someone explain to me, as dumb-downed as possible, how to add this Github custom driver (aldi-roof) to the main indilib drivers so that I can compile and test in Kstars?
2. Is Firmata absolutely necessary (over serial or WiFi) for the driver to work?
3. Is anyone willing to walk me through writing a driver for my original sketch? - attached in .txt file.

Many thanks in advance.