My attempts to get my Vixen SP to be INDI/EKOS/KSTARS ready have hit a snag. After multiple attempts, I think I have come to the end of the journey. The gears are not helping INDI.

My RA is 36:12 = 3:1. My DEC is 30:10 = 3.1. However, 3:1 <> 3.1 in this scenario. The RA belt is 5mm and HTD. The DEC is 3mm and HTD. DEC is 67% faster that RA. As such, INDI thinks it’s someplace but it’s not. Targets KSTARS says I am at are empty space is the reticle. The moon is way above where the OTA is pointing.

I am at this juncture by choice. The 36:12 is much bigger than the 30:10 physically. 3:1 is equal to 3.1 mathematically. Plenty examples of different RA and DEC on vendor mounts. What should be done in EQMOD when DEC and RA arrive in two different speeds?