The error with the packaging DB getting locked usually occurs within 60-70 secs after boot up. I wait 2-3 minutes for Raspbian OS to finish its health checks before checking for updates. The lock is supposed to be temporary. As for KSTARS not updating, the AstroBerry canonical list is limited to few libraries. This is to ensure that the paradigm of AstroBerry doesn’t get so messed up that Kaczorek spends a long time fixing.

I added the canonical libraries of KSTARS Bleeding, INDI, and a Raspbian. That was it. Raspbian is nothing like Ubuntu. Ubuntu mixes i386 with ARMFH. For example, under Ubuntu, a Raspberry kernel update will never install because a symbolic link it tries to create is on the FAT32 side of Raspbian. I sought support and was told this kernel is for i386 and who is Raspberry?