Dear All,

I was trying to install my pi3 box for astro with a 5D3 prior to switch to an old 20D due to some issues on the 5D3 (other topic open on gphoto2 GIT), anyway :

On the indi control panel now connecting the 20D, i don't see the option to write the file on the camera RAM or SD card (which is a CF btw), neither i see the option to keep the picture on the camera or to automatically delete it. (as i don't have big CF card i can use on that camera, i will be limited if i need to stop from time to time the sequence to delete manually the file on the camera)

Is there a limitation on the 20D to not be able to write only in RAM and transfer it to the pi3 ? or any other reason ?

Here attached is the log/debug of the kstars files as well as the indi_ccd driver one

Thank you very much for your help !!