Kevin Ross replied to the topic 'problem equmod, guiding' in the forum. 11 months ago

It looks like you haven't slewed the telescope anywhere. i.e. the scope is pointing at the north celestial pole (Polaris). Cailbrating the guider near the celestial pole could cause strange behavior. I suggest slewing to a target away from the celestial pole and try again.

Also, it isn't clear from the logs (at least to me) if you're using ST4 or pulse guiding. On the guide tab of Ekos, there should be a selection for guider, which will either be the name of your guide camera, or it will be EQMod. If it's the guide camera as the guiding output, then that means you're using ST4, and need to attach at ST4 guide cable from the guide camera to the guide port on the mount. If instead it says EQMod (recommended) then you don't need such a cable.