I just updated and experienced the same issue. I can't get it to display the graphic. I did find that if you increase the "padding" value from 0 to 1 at least you'll get a larger space instead of just the skinny little strip -- so it's easier to click on -- but still no graphic.

Also, the Image Viewer app is missing (gwenview). I had to open a Terminal window and do a 'sudo apt install gwenview' to re-install it. I'm not sure why the update removed it.


I spoke to PlaneWave about this. Apparently many years ago, they used a Celestron interface, but they no longer use it and the current product / driver isn't compatible with it.

I do have the command set documentation and posted it on a new thread.


Greetings! I'm not entirely certain if this is the correct message forum to post this question. If not, please accept my humble apologies and move to the correct area as needed.

I've been using INDI for a while with my StellarMate and ASIair. But I recently purchased a new PlaneWave 12.5" CDK telescope.

The PlaneWave scope uses a Hedrick focuser ( planewave.com/products-page/general-acce...ocuser/#.XWgOti2ZNR4 ) and a Delta-T Dew Heater ( planewave.com/products-page/general-acce...heater/#.XWgPMy2ZNR4 ). PlaneWave includes software which only runs on Windows. I currently use a Mac running a Windows 10 virtual machine so I can control the focuser & dew heater ... but everything else is INDI. Ideally I'd like to get INDI drivers so I can just run it all on the Raspberry Pi.

I did reach out to them and they were happy to supply the software interface specifications for both devices (they even provide some sample code in Python -- even though their Windows code is not Python). The sample code is located here: planewave.com/files/tmp/DeltaTSampleCode.zip

I was trying to determine if their focuser and dew-heater system was compatible or based on some common standard with other focusers and dew-heaters (e.g. is there a different focuser or dew-heater that uses the same interface or is this a new beast?) If not, then I'm wondering if it would be possible to get an INDI driver created for these devices.

I've attached the PDF docs that describe the focuser interface and dew heater interface.

I considered writing and contributing a driver ... but (a) I haven't done any serious development for many years and (b) I've never done coding based on INDI so there'd be quite the learning curve (and likely loads of blunders). It's probably safer to see if an experienced INDI developer would be willing to take this on.

Kind Regards,