Justin created a new topic ' Focus module - Max travel' in the forum. 3 years ago


I don't know if this is a bug, or just me not understanding how this works - but I'm having some issues with the Max travel value.
The documentation I can find all seems to agree that this is the maximum 'distance' of travel permitted before the auto-focus process will abort. Except, this does't seem to be the only function.
The biggest value I can enter is 100000, and on my scope (SW80 with Sesto Senso focus motor), starting at position 0 being fully retracted, 100000 doesn't get me to the focus point. Whilst this isn't a huge problem (because I can arbitrarily set position 0 to be anywhere I like and so focus is within range) it is annoying. This isn't only during an autofocus cycle, I am usually trying to move from 0 to ~170000 (yes, I know, but my scope flightcase isn't big enough to leave it focused during storage).
I've tried moving to 100000 and then moving again, but this doesn't seem possible.

So am I missing something here, or is this how it is intended to work?