Hello Camiel,

Yes, good call! Less work to do at run-time, and more compact.
Those changes are copy/pasted in to the attached version, along
with the spaces, which I removed only because I was looking at
the Meade documentation. The spaces seem to work just as well
for my more recent firmware version.

I will attempt to pass on the information related to you describe to
Jasem, but (based on ancient memory) I also wonder if getSexComponents()
is as it is because support for a signed zero (also sometimes called
"dirty zero") has varied between compilers and compiler versions.
Maybe that's just not a factor any more, and things have become
standardized -- I don't really know. At least what we have in the
driver seems relatively "bullet proof" (which is why I used abs(d)).

There were two or three things I had hoped to add (e.g., UMode
Speed Limit, Pole Crossing direction, etc.), but Andras at GTD said
that, since the project is an old one, more information may not be
forthcoming from the developer. He did volunteer to post the
Delphi-based source to the Pulsar Commander, though, which
may have more information in it.

So, do you think we have a "release candidate" here, or would it be
better to wait for the Delphi source, in order to add the two or three
items, if they happen to be there? That may take a while, and those
features could be added later in another release, since what we have
at this point in version 1.2 seems like a valuable upgrade for other
Pulsar2 users.

Best regards, and thanks again,