While looking for an astrophotography all in one solution that worked on a Mac I found INDI/Kstars/Ekos/Stellarmate. Great community BTW. For around six months now I've been reading and learning what the software can and cannot do. To my surprise I've found that the software, if used properly, will do exactly what it is designed to do. Almost all the errors I've frustrated over have been due to unrealistic expectations on my part and user error. Go figure. Anyway, I thought I'd share a couple pictures I got last weekend with a new scope. My processing skills with Pixinsight are very weak still but that's a whole different project.

Each are 100 60sec subs using a one shot color camera (ASI183mc-pro) attached to the front of a 8" RASA astrograph, autoguided on an Orion Atlas eq6 using a Stellarmate for everything (autofocus, platesolving, guiding, capture, dither...) from inside my house. The moon was very strong (80-90% full). Pretty cool.

telescopius.com/pictures/view/40203/deep...galaxy/by-casey_finn [/img]