DaveSw wrote:

sbradley07 wrote: All of the independent windows (including the fits viewer) appear as tabs in full screen mode on the Mac version. Not sure why it's not working for some. I'm running Kstars 3.4.3 on Catalina 10.15.6.

I'm running Kstars 3,5.1 with Catalina 10.15.7 and cannot replicate this window behaviour. "Independent Window" for Ekos/Indi viewers ON or OFF seemed to make no difference. In full screen mode Kstars filles the screen as expected. If Ekos is opened I get a floating window and once Indi is started it's in front of the Ekos window. Clicking the Ekos window doesn't cause it to move to front. I have to hide Indi (from KS tool bar) to see Ekos again,

??? (baffled...)

I just upgraded to 3.5.1 and this no longer works as it did in 3.4.3. Somewhere along the line, it was taken out.