John replied to the topic 'PI upgrade?' in the forum. 2 years ago

I can't answer your question directly but here is my experience.
I run indi on a PI 3B+
I run kodi (media player) on a Tinker board. It has run for months 24/7 with any issues, no reboots..
The Tinker Board is great.

However I use Raspbian on the PI and Tinker OS on the Tinker Board.

I have not yet tried indi on the Tinker but may do one day.

I guess you my need to go the source build route to get the latest versions of indi etc. Also true fro Raspbian on PI.

I am consitering upgrading my indi PI to a Gigabyte Brix so I can run the intel builds of indi etc.
It does use more power though.

If it fails to work, you can make a media player out of it.